About Us

There are alot of allegedly reputable real estate agencies. But „Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH“ is one of a kind. With our elaborate strategies, the widespread network and the teams´ know-how we offer you the best on-site service. We love to support you in finding the best property to buy or selling your property. We will give you 8 deciding reasons „Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH“ is the logic decision for your property.

1. We are experts
As professional realtors with over 25 years of experience we know our market. We are acquainted with the communities better than anybody else. Thereby we guide you following our sales concept, steadily fair, sincere and transparent.

2. We content clients
We don´t like to make a boast of successfully brokered objects – but we are very proud of our satisfied and long-standing customer relationships. Under „references“ you can judge for yourself.

3. We are owner-operated
Top level support for you, because Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH was, is and always will be owner-operated. Giving us ample scope to acquire new properties, establish projects with dash and ultimately give our clients the best support possible.

4. We are a team
Behind every successful owner you will have a great team. To keep it that way our team gets education and training on a regular basis. Among that are Dekra-educations, advanced and postgraduate trainings oft he Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria. Thus we can steadily score with best service and proficient consultation. You have been missing on our team? See our „career“ page.

5. Our partners are loyal and faithful
It doesn´t matter if you are looking for civil engineers, surveyors, painters or interior designers – we have the best partners for your property on-site. Furthermore we gladly stand by your side when it comes to renovations, remedy of defects or request for tenders. That´s how you benefit from our partners network.

6. We show responsibility
As reputable advisors in all fields of real estate we consider your requests and desires in every detail. Only thus can we guarantee a frictionless procedure. At the same time realistic estimation of properties lies at our hearts. We don´t want to drive up the price of properties in our area and are concerned for the local people. Want to find out more about what lies at our hearts? Click here.

7. We stick at it
As a member of the IVD – a strong community for international members und further considerable associations, we had to pass qualifying examinations und have to continue our studies on a regular basis. A pecuniary damage liability insurance doesn´t only secure us, in the end it also insures you.
Our many awards show you in which further associations we are a long-standing member and what you have to look for in a reputable realtor!