The company "Rehage & Partner GmbH" was founded by Mrs. Rehage in Rottach-Egern on June 1st 1993 and worked its way up to having a reputation as solid and responsible brokerage firm.

On January 27 1999, Wolfgang Boetsch acceded to this company and renamed it to "Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH" on June 26th 2003.

After the livery partly volatile years followed. They were shaped by being a runaway success, as well as, more quiet and difficult years afterwards. The treasure of experience accumulated by these years are the basis of the success that holds on down to the present day, which is still under leadership of Wolfgang Boetsch. By adaptation of the business model to more flexible standards "Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH" grew its reputation to being a responsible and successfull brokerage firm.

The past "booming" years also left negative marks in Tegernsee area. By picking well-chosen objects, we as company did not take part in this trend and now we are even going to go one step further. In the future we will help keeping our area as beautiful as it is.

By saying this, we adapted our business model to a plan in which we will focus even more on renovations and construction projects keeping "our village" as beautiful and traditional as it used to be. To keep the Beauty of this landscape is worth every action that is needed. That´s why we also focus on the knowledge and quality of our resident architects and craftsmen.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as one of our happy clients.

Wolfgang Boetsch and his team of Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH





Picture: Original Logo of Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH