We show responsibility

When seeing the bigger picture we rapidly recognize how extraordinarily good we live in the western countries. Hence we don´t only take responsible action in real estate, but we support many different projects and charities.
You want to know which? Take a closer look here:

Tierschutz für in Not geratene Hunde
Madrigueras e.V.

Animal Protection with heart and mind – that´s the sole purpose the charity-association „Madrigueras e.V.“ is dedicated to.
Madrigueras rescues and places stranded and abused dogs from Spain to German families. We appreciate this charities´ hard work and fund them with money, means of transportation and other essential needs.

Bayerisches Rote Kreuz
Bavarian Red Cross

As the leading aid- and rescueorganisation in Bavaria the Bavarian Red Cross helps in many places. Whether it is dementia-care, rescue service or ambulant care:
Der Kreisverband Miesbach counts more than 1.100 volunteers, whose worthy work we want to appreciate and support this charity financially.

die Zukunft liegt unserer Meinung nach in den Kindern
SOS Kinderdoerfer weltweit

For about 15 years, Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH has been supporting children, families and villages in need. We strive to see the bigger picture in everything and in our oppinion the world´s future lies truly in our children.

You can find more info here: SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit

Kinder in Not- und Ausnahmesituationen
Little patients in need

Wholeheartedly, as well as financially we support this nonprofit organisation Kleine Patienten in Not e.V.. The dedicated parents take a stand for the professional treatment of children in emergencies and exceptional circumstances. With their "comfortbear Benny" they provide for a child-oriented equipment in emergency services. Extensive educational work sensitizes the rescue-personnel and the parents for the handling of children in emergency situations.