What is your advantage of selling your house with Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH instead of selling it yourself?

The renting or sale of a property single-handedly is costly. Our professional sales-team will support you with everything you need.

One question most owners ask themselves is: „What does a real estate agent do to help sell a house quick and good?“

We will reveal the many-faceted tasks of our business day-to-day as real estate agency and why it´s valuable to engage the services of a professional agency.
Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner will take on these tasks for you:

  • We determine a market-conform and appropriate advertising price for you
  • We help you collect the sales records and take care of organizing them properly and discreetly
  • We take on the full costs and work of advertising your property and we will run a sales drive for you not only advertise it in standard newspapers
  • We will select potential buyers and help you finding the right one
  • We setup the purchase and sale agreement for you and coordinate appointments with a notary public
  • In most cases real estate agents generate a higher sales price in comparison to private vendors, mostly because of huge client databases and more experience in home sales
  • We can advise you in many sections the legal framework allows us to
  • If the legal framework is drained we will refer you to someone that takes as much care as we do
  • We will create a significant brochure for you and will be considerate to your wishes and overcome concerns
  • We coordinate, schedule and execute viewings for you to sell your house as fast as possible and at best price attainable
  • We revise potentioal buyers´ solvency for you
  • We will take care of the handover with the new owners or renters or be at your side if you want to do it yourself

What indicates a good real estate agent?

The transaction of a property vendition is a multi-faceted procedure.
Not only does it take up a lot of time, it also requires alot of diligence and a thoughtful and structured approach.
So, after you´ve decided to sell your property you only have to take on one more decision. Do you want to sell the property on your own or do you want to employ a competent realtor to do it for you? As many property owners don´t like to take on extra risks, more than 50% confide in the professionalism of a real estate agency and.

A realtor of Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH helps you to organize the sale of your house successfully. He can do that, because:

The realtor:

  • knows the local market situation
  • applies the recommended stragtegies for every single type of property and those that will work for your property
  • accompanies you during the process starting with the estimation of your property throught to signing of the contract and handover

Individual Consultation

We make time for you.
First things first, long before we start your property sale we will discuss and organize all the sales records with and for you. All details of the sales process will be reviewed step by step.
We take your concerns, fears and objections seriosuly. We discuss every matter with you, before we take them from you.

Transparency is very important to us, therefore we will try to give you as much time as you need for a considered decision-making.
We will openly talk with you about any costs which may arise.
We take potential risks seriously, because we want buyer and vendor to be contented with our work and want you to be able to appreciate the sale of your house.

Preparation of the real estate sale

A real estate sale begins with targeting the the right sales price. As owner of the property it will be difficult for you to set the price in all objectivity, because you are, as any owner would be, emotionally attached to the building

We try to appreciate your property as much as you do but on the other hand can operate more objectively and market-oriented, because the right sales price is crucial for your house being sold fast or being a shelf hugger.

Compiling market-oriented property estimations by its land or fair market value is one of the realtor´s most important tasks. Thanks to his experience in the market a realistic sales price can be defined.

Furthermore the realtor takes care of obtaining all documents necessary for the sale, for example the land register extract, the approved development plan, a site plan and the energy pass which is required by law in most of Europe.

Additionally a realtor can provide you with professional advice. For example what you have to consider when selling a rented apartment, or in the case of a community of heirs.
In areas we are not allowed to advise you we will refer you to a competent lawyer.

Execution of viewings

Viewings take up a lot of your precious time. Immobilienwelt Rehage & Partner GmbH schedules, coordinates and executes those appointments for you.
We are used to approach the clients and know which queries or concerns might come up. That is why we can prepare accordingly for that and present your property the best way possible.

Credit Assessment, deed of sale and handover

Even if a suitable buyer is found or work isn´t done with working for you.
The realtor reviews the buyer´s solvency and leads the sales negotiation.
As last step we review the deed of sale, check for every detail and are at your side when the contract is being signed.
Although the contract will be drawn up by a notary public, the realtor will accept responsibility contentwise.

After signing the contract we execute the handover with you and certainly issue a handover certificate, which documents the condition of your property.