Customer information about the right of revocation

From the 13th of June you have 14 days to revoke the contract with the estate agent.
The new law is based on the so called EU-Consumer Directive and had to put into effect in this form.
When you contact an estate agent and ask for the property details you will receive instead of the requested information the cautioning that you can revoke the contract within 14 days.

That is perhaps confusing for you because you did not realize that you had entered into a contract. According to German law an estate agent´s contract begins once you ask for some information based on his offer. The estate agent is required by law to make you aware of your right to revoke the contract up this stage. But that is not a problem. You only pay the estate agent when you actually buy or rent the property. Nothing has changed at it.

If you do not accept the property the estate agent has shown you, you do not have to revoke the contract. It is sufficient not to buy or rent.

By confirming that you have received the advice of revocation you do not enter any obligations. You do not have to worry about hidden clauses because text of the advice of the right of revocation is by the legislator. As a result of the new law estate agent perhaps will give you the address of the property not before the end of the deadline of your right of revocation.

If you want the estate agent to give you the information earlier you have to demand for this explicitly. 
Consequence of which is that your right of revocation expires when the estate agent has given you the chance to buy or rent the property. As shown above the state agent´s commission has to be paid only if you buy or rent the property.

Nevertheless, if you want to exercise your right of revocation, you must notify your estate agent in writing of your decision to withdraw from contract.